Meet the Influencers and Decision Makers

Of course, the procurement and purchasing departments of the major oil sands producers and EPC’s are the primary audience we market to. However, they are not the only key players that help make decisions. Research conducted by our team shows that department workforces are getting smaller, making it the responsibility of a few key people with purchasing authority. There are a number of ‘influencers’ as well as some new players who share with their colleagues the technology, products and services they have seen, and recommend what supplier to pursue – these people are increasingly becoming a strong target for customers to meet.

Our team has made great strides in creating relationships with major oil sands producers and players, allowing us a capability to invite a quality audience through our VIP Program.

Core Focus Areas

Mining operations
In-situ Operations
Refining Operations

It Only Takes One Conversation

Although the energy marketplace in Alberta has shrunk over the last few years, there are still many qualified visitors from the major producers and EPC’s. It only takes ONE conversation to help get your company closer to making a deal.

Sample Job Titles

Category Director, Transportation and Logistics
Commissioning and Startup
Construction Coordinator
Contractor Supervisor
Development Lead
Dir Trucks Maintenance Execution
Director Indigenous & Community Relations
Director Operations and Integration Field Logistics
Director Turnaround Execution
E&I Planner
Fire Protection Manager
GM Extraction
GM Firebag
GM Mackay River
Lead Planning & Scheduling – Secondary Upgrading
Lead Reliability Engineer
Lead, Planning & Scheduling – Upgrading
Logistics Coordinator
Maintenance Contractor Coordinator
Maintenance Coordinator TRO operations
Maintenance Engineer / Planner / Superintendent
Manager Building Services & Industrial Commodities
Manager Health & Safety
Manager, Tactical Planning & Scheduling
Mgr Regional Comms – Upstream
Procurement Coordinator
Procurement Specialist
Project Manager-Technical
SCM Team Lead
Senior Advisor Asset Information
Senior Advisor, I&CR
Senior Scheduler
Senior VP, Operations
Superintendent of Fire Protection
Supervisor, Maintenance Electrical Trucks
Manager, Supply Chain
Supervisor NPA Building Services
TA Manager/ TA Planning Lead
Team Leader, Cable Plant
Turnaround Lead Planner / Turnaround Manager
Upgrading Planning Manager
VP In Situ

How We Market the Show


Our database of over 5,000 contacts and growing includes targets in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and relevant surrounding areas.


The oil sands workforce is shifting towards social media to find out what’s on at the Show. Our likes and shares are growing, coupled with our ‘boost’ campaigns.


Our team is always on the ground visiting customers and attendees. We put printed invitations and ads right in the eyes and hands of qualified visitors.  And, we have 10 relevant media publications that showcase our advertising in print and digital, along with outdoor advertising partners.


We’ve cultivated relationships directly inside the heart of the oil sands major producers, as well as government, indigenous stakeholders and EPC’s.

How We Help Exhibitors Promote

We learn more every year about the needs of our attendees and exhibitors. Matching those needs is going to be the goal of our marketing campaign.

We help Exhibitors promote their singular presence at the Show by using social media channels, providing customized invitations, and creating content stories that are emailed directly to pre-registered and potential attendees through our HTML campaign.


When you sign on to become an exhibitor, send us your logo and we will create a social media post for you to share on your media channels and with your customers. The post will be customized to show your booth number, and a promo code that will trigger a Free Exhibition Pass for your customers.


Share with us how you would like us to provide a customized invitation either through PDF, PNG or JPEG format. This invitation speaks more about what your company is about, and what you are bringing to the Show.  It will include a special promo code for a Free Exhibition Pass that you can send to your customers.


We send out a series of content-rich HTML’s to our database of over 6,000 to promote the Show. If you have a good technology, product or service story to tell, we will interview you and prepare a story that will be included in the HTML. This gets your message directly to the pre-registered attendees BEFORE the Show.

Helping You Promote Your Brand


How you present your brand is extremely important onsite and gets your company noticed. We can share with you design options, tips and tricks on booth presentation.


If you don’t have time to invite your customers, we can offer third-party distribution to your lists that don’t affect your privacy or proprietary concerns.


You won’t have a good Show if you are sitting in the back on your phone. We encourage exhibitors get in front of your booth in order to network with potential leads.


Besides being in your booth, primary ways to meet qualified attendees are at Networking Events, such as the Keynote Luncheons, The Big Party and the Business and Technical Conference.